• Shauna grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, surrounded by music and singing relatives. She got her musical start at a young age in the basement of her Grandpa Murphy's house where she spent hours pounding away on a dusty, out-of-tune, upright piano. When piano playing didn't click with her, she moved on to the acoustic guitar. Frustrated, she quickly gave it up when her brother Ryan excelled at a much quicker pace. Fortunately, singing came much easier.

    Shauna started singing "professionally" at Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, MA. She was very active in drama and chorus, led by the "Singing Sisters," Sisters Rosalie and Rosemund. Her first big solo in chorus was *Chiquita Banana.*


    When she came to U. of Vermont, she longed to start a band and play at the clubs downtown. While in the library (pretending to study) she saw a sign on a bulletin board that said, "WANTED: Singer for new Acid Jazz band." She tore down the sign, called the number the next day and by the end of the week had joined the band Belizbeha. That was March of 1994.

    For the next 6-7 years Belizbeha toured extensively around the country and produced 2 CDs of all original material. Belizbeha shared the stage with the likes of Kool & the Gang, Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets, De La Soul, The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, and many others. After the release of their second album, "Void Where Inhibited" the band dissolved, although they still play shows every now and again. Everyone in Belizbeha went on to pursue music in his or her own individual way.

    When not on the road with Belizbeha, Shauna worked part-time at the Sai-Gon Cafe in Burlington, and it was there that she hooked up with Joe Capps and Chris Peterman. She had known Joe from Belizbeha; they had recorded some songs out at Joe's studio. Shauna knew Chris through Belizbeha as well; he played saxophone on their first album and played many gigs with them. When Joe and Chris were playing at the restaurant, Shauna would sometimes get up and sing a song or two with them. Since it was so fun they decided to pursue playing some "real" gigs together. Thus, in 1997, the Shauna Antoniuc Trio was born, and they went on to play numerous gigs at jazz bars, restaurants, weddings, corporate functions, and colleges throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. They released one CD called "The Dream's On Me" in 2002 and recorded another in 2003. The second CD, after sitting on a shelf for 5 years, was released in 2008.  It's called "In the Moonlight."

    Rick Norcross was a regular customer at the Sai-Gon Cafe as well, and when the singer left his western swing outfit, Rick and the Ramblers, he asked Shauna to audition for the job. She was hired for the summer 1999 tour and worked with them for 5 more summers, playing every weekend throughout Vermont. Chris Peterman also joined Rick's crew in 2001, playing with him for another year. Shauna still sits in on gigs in Vermont for both the jazz trio and the Ramblers.


    2003 was a busy year for Shauna. In February, she and husband Brandy Anderson were married at the breathtaking Marie Reine-du-Monde Cathedral in Montreal. Mother's day was truly special that year as they found out they were pregnant. In July, they left Vermont behind and moved to Sacramento, CA to be near Brandy's family. The fall brought new jobs, and on December 29th little Jula Elizabeth arrived just in time for the tax break. They crammed marriage and moving, career changes and diaper changes all into one fantastic year.

    When Shauna arrived in CA she knew she wanted to continue singing. She joined the musician's union and asked who she should contact for jazz. Bill Rase was the leader of one of the oldest big bands in the area, so she stopped by his recording studio and gave him a CD. Soon she was playing gigs with Bill all over the Sacramento area.

    At one of Bill's gigs, Shauna met Brad Hammett, an outstanding trombone player. He asked her is she would like to join a band they were putting together. Brad has an awesome studio in Auburn, so Shauna went out there to meet Mickey Bennett, a swinging bass player, and Charlie Robinson, a fantastic jazz guitarist. They recorded a bunch of standards and started playing out at weddings, restaurants, and functions.

    Shauna also joined a couple of cover bands; in 2004 she hooked up with Frenchy and The Feather River Outlaws. They covered mostly country and rock tunes and played heavily in the Marysville area. Shauna still keeps in touch with the Outlaws and plays with them sometimes. In the summer of 2006, Shauna joined another cover band, Stealin' Time. They play occasional gigs as well.

    Shauna took a hiatus from singing as she and Brandy had two more little girls, one right after the other; in May of 2006 Mary-Margaret Christine arrived, and right on her coat tails was Evamarie Dorothy, born a year and 2 days later.  Baby #4 -- another girl -- arrived on January 1st, 2009.  Cecilia Juanita is named after the patron saint of musicians, St. Cecilia!



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